Life Topics and Skills Series


Life skill courses for Nexus and UWC-Dover summer 2016

Finance Fun/Finance Fun Jr.

3-5 days intensive with three hours each meet or over 8 -12 weeks with hour-long sessions.

Number of students per group: min. 6 up to 16

Age groups:  10-15 years old for Finance Fun, 7-11 years old for Finance Fun Jr. – please email or write your concerns about placement in the comments box

Concepts learned will be similar for both courses, but the games, simulations and the discussion will be different and chosen for that particular age group. Their past experience and knowledge is taken into consideration.

–       Experience financial concepts through at least 10 different card/board games and simulations

–       Discuss various investments and understanding what a good trade looks like

–       Use money terms during reflection and critiquing

–       discussing strategies and learning points before, during, and after every game

–       Stock market and business simulations

–       Creating their own business to set up and try out during the course and/or lunch times

Other life skill course offered in the past

Urban SafetyIMG_3468 IMG_3393 (1)

Ages 9-12, 13-15, young and full adults

5 days of 3 hours each

The class is taught by two instructors. We will learn:

–         Physical self-defense for various urban situations learned by experienced martial arts and self-defense expert

–         Basis First Aid elements that older kids could do

–         Cyber-safety that includes cyber bullying, security and privacy settings, ‘free’ services, online ethics