Family Workshops

Play and Connect


Play and Connect

– Sunday Family Workshops for bonding, learning and exploring

Workshop A: Yoga and Life Skills!

Sunday 1-4 pm, June 28th 2015

How about mixing Character Development, Applied Economics, and Yoga all into one fun family experience that will make your kids, the grandparents and you laugh and bond? The workshop will start with a Trade Simulation that has been played the world over with kids aged 7 to university students and working professionals. Switching from trade to Entrepreneurship, a card game will explore some important elements of running a business. Next comes the partner Yoga that will explore the different advantages and powers of each family member – flexibility, balance, weight-to-strength ratio, and upper body strength

Workshop B: Mindful Yoga, Drawing and Creative Writing

Sunday 1-4 pm, July 5th 2015

Is everyone sitting with their devices and ignoring each other? Come and connect with each other and refresh your mind about the basic elements of story telling and drawing. Then work together on a mini project that you can complete in our 3-hour fun-filled family workshop!

Workshop C: Creative Visualization, Group Art and Drama Sketch

Sunday 1-4 pm, August 23rd 2015

Are you tired of doing the same old activities that feel comfortable, but unhealthy? How about a tiny shakeup for three hours while you and your family try communication without words (only art) and then with a bit of drama? Perspectives, voice and a family’s priorities will be reflected and discussed in the process.


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