Team Members

Welcome to our Eduaction Resources Team!

We might be from different countries, educated in different systems, but we have three things in common:

  1. We are passionate educators.

  2. We see strong language skills and critical thinking skills as important for a sustainable future.

  3. We want to assist young adults and parents in learning skills they need for a more rewarding work and personal life.

SonjaSonja Bretschneider is an American educator who has a B.A in Asian Studies and a M.Ed. and teaching certificate for various secondary Social Studies courses. She has been working for over 15 years at international schools in Xiamen, China and Singapore and for eight years has been teaching middle school history and geography at a well-known international school in the West of Singapore and the past year as a grades 9-12 English teacher. Her passion is helping the students in a way she wished she had been helped when Sonja was a child: with step-by-step instruction, practice with helpful and speedy feedback, and lots of encouragement and high fives. Sonja is also a free-lance voice over talent, investor, German language instructor, debate coach, director of Eduaction Resources and mother of two. Sonja will be the instructor for Finance Fun, Finance Fun Jr. and one of several instructors for Writing Intensive and the Presentation Workshop. She is also the person who will attend to your emails.


Originally from the UK, Rachel Cotopoulis graduated with a degree and post graduate teaching degree in both  French and English Language. She has taught and resourced both French and English from Primary Years all the way to IGCSE  in a number of Secondary and Middle Schools during her 11 year career as well as completing other roles such as Year Leader, HOD and being part of the Middle Management team raising school achievement.


evelyn (2)_resizedEvelyn Jewanski is a certified teacher of English and Sports education who has lived and worked in Singapore for almost six years. As an English language oral examiner  and examiner for the Cambridge ESOL Exams at the British Council, she is aware of the various levels of writing and mechanics needed. Over the years, Evelyn has taught English to native and non-native speakers of varying ages and knows how to make language learning fun and connected to context. Evelyn also runs her own kindergarten in Upper Bukit Timah, besides making sure the homework of her three children is done at a high quality.

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